Friday, September 29, 2006

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The Look of Love
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see related friends have had quite a whirlwind week. They met with a birth mother last week who asked them to be the adoptive parents, and the baby was born on Wednesday! They're being discharged from the hospital today, and will be bringing home their beautiful baby girl - Miriam Faith:

Miriam  with bottle

Not much else is new - just working a LOT. Attempting to hang in there...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

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Lost - The Complete Second Season
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So Diana's wedding reception was last night. It was a really nice night for a boat ride, and everything was very nice. I think she said that everything went pretty smooth for the day, which is always a good thing. And so begins married life...

Last week while Dena was on her way home from Duluth (she's going to school at Lake Superior College), she was going through some construction and flipped her car. She is a walking miracle, because after looking at the pictures of her car, there were definitely guardian angels watching and protecting her that day. She is still dealing with some back and neck pain, but will be going to physical therapy at school which she can take advantage of at no cost because they offer a PT program. Which ironically is the program she is enrolled in (even though she's not that far yet). Anyway, we are obviously so thankful for God's hand in this situation. And things even worked out in terms of the vehicle, since hers was totaled. God is good!

Things with me continue to be busy, although I am going to make sure to make time to enjoy fall, since it's my favorite season. We'll probably try to get out and hike and/or bike some trails in the next few weeks. Our Revelation Bible study starts this week, and we also are going to participate in a neighborhood Bible study too, which should be good to connect with our neighbors/friends.

Well, I'm off to watch the rest of The Amazing Race - LOVE that show!

Saturday, September 9, 2006

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Your Big Break
By Johanna Edwards
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Happy Birthday Andrea!!

I actually got to hang out with Andrea today at a Stampin' Up! event - it was pretty fun. And interesting...many women with digital cameras taking pictures of cards, cards and more cards...

We installed a storm door over the past few days; Jamie finally finished up the last part today. It's one of those that looks like all glass, but has a screen when you let the top part of the glass down. I really like it. And Jamie and I only got into one fight the whole time...

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

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Arise - A Celebration Of Worship
By Various
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Lots going on...

Work has been crazy, but good. Due to a maternity leave and other staffing situations, I will be taking on a larger role in preparation for holiday (Translation: it's basically the time frame from mid-October through mid-January when people are doing their Christmas shopping - and then using their gift cards after Christmas). So in addition to all of the holiday planning and execution for my normal job, I'm going to step up and do parts of this other role, which is actually one level above my current position. Plus, my boss is getting ready for her maternity leave in another two weeks, which means that I'll be taking on some of her responsibilities as well. It will be busy, but I think I'm up for the challenge. It will definitely be a learning opportunity, that's for sure. Plus, I really like my job overall, so it doesn't feel like a burden. (yet... )

Training for the 5K has begun, and has actually accelerated as Jamie's convinced me to run one that is a fundraiser for his school. The race is in October, and I was originally planning to train for a November race. However, depending on how things go, I may just run them both (think positive, right?!) I guess I didn't really realize how little I've worked out over the past few weeks...this week has been a little tough. But I definitely subscribe to the 'no pain, no gain' theory, because when I am sore afterwards, I know I've been kickin' it.

Diana's wedding is next weekend...please pray for my family, and for reconciliation. There is still much tension and many hurt feelings on multiple fronts. Don't want to get into any more details, but thanks in advance for your prayers.

Our Revelation Bible study starts again at church two weeks from tonight. Semester 3 begins! I know it seems long, but we only joined in semester 2, and I LOVE how in depth the class is. Our teacher is awesome, and is such a study of the Word. We just really like our church...the Arise CD I am listening to was actually recorded at our church (even though we weren't at the concert - bummer!). So cool|!

Ok, that's probably enough of an update for now... CHALLENGE: if you read my xanga but haven't ever left a comment, just say hi.