Saturday, August 21, 2010

sometimes i am filled with so much love for my beloved son i can hardly stand it. then there are mornings like today.

we were going to target, to buy him a spiderman on a four-wheeler that he'd been eyeing since we'd first started potty training. well, he has been doing really well in the potty training department, and we wanted to encourage him. however, upon our arrival at target, after discussing how important it was that he put his listening ears on, apparently - in his words - "they fell off". so we promptly left target empty handed.

after carrying him back to the car, all the while whining and sometimes screaming, he decided he was going to be incredibly defiant and not get into his seat. now, i was about to lose my mind, so after a couple failed attempts at time outs i just climbed into the car and grabbed him and put him in his seat. i told him he was in a time out the whole drive home, and that when we got home he would have to do another 3 minute time out. well, we got home and he marched himself right in and right to the time out spot. when the timer went off, he gave me a great big hug and apologized. i was feeling much better about things, and it really did seem like he knew that he'd been naughty.

after helping jamie with some stuff he was doing with my car, i told jamie to get ready and take a little bit of a break. i'd take carter to the park. so we left for the park, and carter ran almost the entire way - a half mile. lesson learned is: get the boy out for some exercise before going to target next time! hopefully that will help!