Sunday, August 17, 2008

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10 things Carter does right now that I LOVE:

  1. Tackles Tucker in order to "cuddle" him
  2. When he's ready for bed, he will bury his head in my shoulder and put his arms straight down
  3. Thinks that picking up his mega blocks is fun
  4. Is ok with me wiping his hands before taking him out of the high chair
  5. Waves goodbye at the TV when an episode of The Backyardigans is ending, and they say "See ya later!"
  6. "Helps" Daddy with a lot of things, but really loves to help with the sprinklers
  7. Is really good about going up to bed at bedtime - when we say "Let's go upstairs" he can't go fast enough
  8. Clinks his extra pacifiers together before falling asleep and when waking up
  9. Finds joy in pointing out the bubbles on a page of one of his favorite books
  10. When he snuggles in at night before bed, he will put his hand on my arm and pat sweet!