Saturday, January 1, 2011

if you know my grandma, you may think of her as quiet. maybe she's considered shy. and don't get me wrong - she can be quiet, for sure. however, the things that she does - the way she cares for people - speaks volumes so loud that not many people compare.

one of the ways that she reaches out to others - whether it's her kids, granddaughters (or great grandson), friends or even acquaintances - is by sending cards. it is an art that is lost on my own generation, sadly, but the joy that comes from those cards is so great. whether it's a "just thinking of you" theme, or any one of many holidays (including the hallmark ones), she lovingly and at this stage in her life, painstakingly, makes out those cards with the recipient prayerfully considered each and every time.

another way that she shows her compassion is by sharing - picking up a few extra things at the grocery store to send home with one of the granddaughters, specifically picked according to their likes. buying books or activity/coloring books for her great grandson to learn from and stay busy with. when she and grandpa were still minnesota twins season ticket holders and would attend the home games, she would come with treats such as hershey's bars and m&m's (just to name a few) to share with their group of friends they'd come to know over the years in the section.

she's always asking about others, and deflecting any question or concern about herself in favor of what is going on with you. letting you know that you're loved. prayed for. are one in a million.

but grandma - that is you. you truly are one in a million. you are loved. prayed for. a blessing to so many, but especially to me. love you.