Thursday, September 29, 2011

i want to remember... your smiles sometimes literally look like the emoticon :D

...what a good cuddler you are

...what your little baby breath smells like

...what an amazing sleeper you've been overnights, pretty much from the beginning much your brother loves you (almost to a fault!), and sometimes can't stop kissing you even though you seem so big right now, that you are still tiny much more i love having a little girl than i ever thought possible

love you, my little els.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i have been blessed to have two relatively easy pregnancies...not too terribly nauseated, just typical tiredness, and for the most part, pretty normal feeling. enjoying the kicks, pokes and prods along the way. with elsie, it was actually even easier than with carter, because my blood pressure didn't get as high. thank goodness...i don't know how i would have done bedrest (or should i say jamie would have done?) with a 4 year old boy, who is truly all boy! it was as amazing as i remembered, the feeling her moving around. and those hiccups - she got them lots, once even while i was in the middle of yoga! (it's hard to try to relax and focus on your breathing at that point, i'll tell you that much!).

even though i knew my blood pressure had been better, for some reason i thought for sure i would need to be induced. in addition to the random memory that i had of my doctor saying that since i went so quickly with carter's induction that i should probably be induced the next time, i didn't think i would make it to my due date. but when i went to my 39 week appointment on tuesday 7/26, i hadn't progressed any further than i had been the two weeks prior - 3 cm. he offered to strip my membranes, but said that it only works 10-15% of the time. i figured since i was going to call and schedule an induction for later in the week, i'd just skip it.

we left the doctor's and had to run to the bank. as we were on our way there i had some pain that was slightly more intense than the cramping i'd been feeling over the past week or so. i mentioned it to jamie, and said "wouldn't it be funny if we just left the doctor's office and i went into labor?" we laughed and continued home, but i did keep having some pains intermittently.

when we got home, jamie went to pick carter up at daycare, and when he got back i figured maybe i should start writing down when i thought i was feeling something, as i was now somewhat convinced that these were contractions.

to be continued....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

there are some days i can't believe this is my life. sometimes that is a not-so-good thing, but most times it is a wonderful thing. i am in disbelief that elsie has been here for seven weeks already. i am also very well aware at how far behind i am at keeping up with things here on the blog...that will change!