Friday, June 10, 2011

35 @ 35

as i turn 35, i want to be more intentional about embracing life this next year. so, here are 35 things that i hope to complete @ 35:
  1. volunteer at least one night at the clothing closet at church
  2. have a baby :)
  3. document a week in the life
  4. run another half marathon (oh jeez...)
  5. do at least one month of once a month cooking
  6. take at least one photo a week for a compilation book
  7. make a quilt
  8. bake a new kind of cookies with carter
  9. go on a picnic
  10. hike at gooseberry with carter
  11. bind the birthday/christmas/etc cards for carter (and maybe some of mine, too!)
  12. buy more indie music
  13. write five letters to friends or family members
  14. road trip to visit the chobans
  15. build a piece of furniture with jamie
  16. bake cupcakes for neighbors
  17. take carter on a ferris wheel ride
  18. 30 day photo challenge
  19. re-do the photo frames on the ledge in the family room
  20. go to the driving range with jamie some time
  21. edit some of the video from what we've taken of carter
  22. host a "formal" dinner
  23. start a conversation with a stranger
  24. find a volunteer opportunity that carter can do with me
  25. document more about grandparents' stories from the past
  26. work on photo books - even if they don't all get printed (so then they'll be ready when coupons come!)
  27. find something fun to do with carter for a date night
  28. check out more books from the library
  29. make curtains for the baby's room
  30. wear more skirts/dresses
  31. update the blog more regularly
  32. log at least 50 miles on the bike this fall
  33. send 10 cards to friends for no reason other than to say hi
  34. scan in my scrapbook pages
  35. try a new food
here goes nothing!

it was a wonderful day, today, too. great music and message at church, delicious brunch at redstone, a nice nap, getting more stuff ready for the baby, grilling for dinner, and having a "surprise" birthday cake that carter picked out - a burger cake. bwahaha! so funny.

feeling very blessed, loving life, and those that i get to share it with.