Monday, December 19, 2011

so, saturday night (12/17) i'm getting carter ready for bed. he's singing away in a manger, and we're talking about Jesus. he is saying how jesus was born on Christmas day, and then starts saying that Jesus died on the cross for our sins. all of a sudden, his face is super sad and he looks as though he might burst into tears, and says "why did Jesus have to die on the cross?" so, i just said that it was part of God's plan, and was the only way for our sins to be forgiven. he goes on to ask about sin, and we pray for forgiveness of his not listening earlier in the day. then he is still upset, and i ask what was wrong. and he says "but why did Jesus have to die on the cross? He was just a baby!" i explained that He first grew up to be a man. :)

then we talk about the fact that although Christ died on the cross, He rose from the dead three days later. there was much discussion about heaven, and that it's where we go after we die if we believe in Jesus, and that we will live there with Him forever. he asks about someone who recently passed away, and i said "yep, they are in heaven, with Jesus now!" with a confused look on his face, he said "but when did she rise again?" on with another explanation that only Jesus rose again...

as i can almost see the wheels turning in his head, he says something about missing jesus. so i say something like "do you mean you miss Jesus being on earth?" and he says "yes - i wish he would talk to me". so i go on to explain that God and Jesus can talk to us, but not in a way that we can hear - through the bible, sometimes through other people, etc. i pull out his bible, and we read some verses that talk about Him being with us, never leaving us, etc. carter seems ok with that, and then we finish getting him ready for bed. he lays down, and as we're praying, he says "dear Jesus, thank you for everything in our world, and for protecting us and dying for our sins." then there was a long pause. i peek over at him to see what's going on, and he opens his eyes, looks at me and says indignantly "see? He's not saying anything back!"

this is such an interesting much thought going on. so sensitive. i don't want to miss a moment or opportunity to help him understand. it is definitely a tough concept - even for adults, let along a 4.5 year old! Lord, help me with your words - your truth.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

catching up little by little on december daily....

12.1: ernie elf arrives with a note for carter

12.3: candy cane hunt, hot chocolate & coffee @ starbucks, sweater party

Thursday, December 1, 2011

i am almost in denial that it's december...where is the time going?! (i feel like my grandma saying that!)

because this time of year is so magical, and i want to remember as much as i can with our little family of four, i am going to work on a december daily album. i've attempted this for about the last three or four years, and even though it isn't something that always gets executed as i envision, i'm always glad with whatever i'm able to accomplish.

today, ernie elf made his first appearance of the year, with a little letter for carter. carter was so excited to see him after coming home from miss tina's! we'll see what this little elf does around here - both in antics and in helping with motivation....

Thursday, September 29, 2011

i want to remember... your smiles sometimes literally look like the emoticon :D

...what a good cuddler you are

...what your little baby breath smells like

...what an amazing sleeper you've been overnights, pretty much from the beginning much your brother loves you (almost to a fault!), and sometimes can't stop kissing you even though you seem so big right now, that you are still tiny much more i love having a little girl than i ever thought possible

love you, my little els.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

i have been blessed to have two relatively easy pregnancies...not too terribly nauseated, just typical tiredness, and for the most part, pretty normal feeling. enjoying the kicks, pokes and prods along the way. with elsie, it was actually even easier than with carter, because my blood pressure didn't get as high. thank goodness...i don't know how i would have done bedrest (or should i say jamie would have done?) with a 4 year old boy, who is truly all boy! it was as amazing as i remembered, the feeling her moving around. and those hiccups - she got them lots, once even while i was in the middle of yoga! (it's hard to try to relax and focus on your breathing at that point, i'll tell you that much!).

even though i knew my blood pressure had been better, for some reason i thought for sure i would need to be induced. in addition to the random memory that i had of my doctor saying that since i went so quickly with carter's induction that i should probably be induced the next time, i didn't think i would make it to my due date. but when i went to my 39 week appointment on tuesday 7/26, i hadn't progressed any further than i had been the two weeks prior - 3 cm. he offered to strip my membranes, but said that it only works 10-15% of the time. i figured since i was going to call and schedule an induction for later in the week, i'd just skip it.

we left the doctor's and had to run to the bank. as we were on our way there i had some pain that was slightly more intense than the cramping i'd been feeling over the past week or so. i mentioned it to jamie, and said "wouldn't it be funny if we just left the doctor's office and i went into labor?" we laughed and continued home, but i did keep having some pains intermittently.

when we got home, jamie went to pick carter up at daycare, and when he got back i figured maybe i should start writing down when i thought i was feeling something, as i was now somewhat convinced that these were contractions.

to be continued....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

there are some days i can't believe this is my life. sometimes that is a not-so-good thing, but most times it is a wonderful thing. i am in disbelief that elsie has been here for seven weeks already. i am also very well aware at how far behind i am at keeping up with things here on the blog...that will change!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

inspiration...wishing i'd logged the source for this image, but so loving this creative space. this is why i love pinterest - you can actually go back to the source.

here's another one - mudroom inspiration:

maybe some day the house will look like this. for now, i'll just revel in all the nesting i got done this weekend! guess there's one good thing that came from all the heat & humidity...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

baby...details overdue

update and details on baby are long overdue, but in the meantime i'm going to enjoy the hiccups that are making me smile as I try to go to sleep. can't wait to meet you baby girl...

Friday, June 10, 2011

35 @ 35

as i turn 35, i want to be more intentional about embracing life this next year. so, here are 35 things that i hope to complete @ 35:
  1. volunteer at least one night at the clothing closet at church
  2. have a baby :)
  3. document a week in the life
  4. run another half marathon (oh jeez...)
  5. do at least one month of once a month cooking
  6. take at least one photo a week for a compilation book
  7. make a quilt
  8. bake a new kind of cookies with carter
  9. go on a picnic
  10. hike at gooseberry with carter
  11. bind the birthday/christmas/etc cards for carter (and maybe some of mine, too!)
  12. buy more indie music
  13. write five letters to friends or family members
  14. road trip to visit the chobans
  15. build a piece of furniture with jamie
  16. bake cupcakes for neighbors
  17. take carter on a ferris wheel ride
  18. 30 day photo challenge
  19. re-do the photo frames on the ledge in the family room
  20. go to the driving range with jamie some time
  21. edit some of the video from what we've taken of carter
  22. host a "formal" dinner
  23. start a conversation with a stranger
  24. find a volunteer opportunity that carter can do with me
  25. document more about grandparents' stories from the past
  26. work on photo books - even if they don't all get printed (so then they'll be ready when coupons come!)
  27. find something fun to do with carter for a date night
  28. check out more books from the library
  29. make curtains for the baby's room
  30. wear more skirts/dresses
  31. update the blog more regularly
  32. log at least 50 miles on the bike this fall
  33. send 10 cards to friends for no reason other than to say hi
  34. scan in my scrapbook pages
  35. try a new food
here goes nothing!

it was a wonderful day, today, too. great music and message at church, delicious brunch at redstone, a nice nap, getting more stuff ready for the baby, grilling for dinner, and having a "surprise" birthday cake that carter picked out - a burger cake. bwahaha! so funny.

feeling very blessed, loving life, and those that i get to share it with.

Friday, March 11, 2011

today at the doctor....

i went to the doctor today. it's been an ongoing problem, but my overactive bladder was enough to drive me to make an appointment. unfortunately there's not much they can do, so i'll just rack up the points for all the many, many times i go to the bathroom each day. ugh!

today's stats:
bp - 128/68
baby's heartbeat - 158 bpm

further confirmation that carter's prediction that the baby is a girl? :-)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

if you know my grandma, you may think of her as quiet. maybe she's considered shy. and don't get me wrong - she can be quiet, for sure. however, the things that she does - the way she cares for people - speaks volumes so loud that not many people compare.

one of the ways that she reaches out to others - whether it's her kids, granddaughters (or great grandson), friends or even acquaintances - is by sending cards. it is an art that is lost on my own generation, sadly, but the joy that comes from those cards is so great. whether it's a "just thinking of you" theme, or any one of many holidays (including the hallmark ones), she lovingly and at this stage in her life, painstakingly, makes out those cards with the recipient prayerfully considered each and every time.

another way that she shows her compassion is by sharing - picking up a few extra things at the grocery store to send home with one of the granddaughters, specifically picked according to their likes. buying books or activity/coloring books for her great grandson to learn from and stay busy with. when she and grandpa were still minnesota twins season ticket holders and would attend the home games, she would come with treats such as hershey's bars and m&m's (just to name a few) to share with their group of friends they'd come to know over the years in the section.

she's always asking about others, and deflecting any question or concern about herself in favor of what is going on with you. letting you know that you're loved. prayed for. are one in a million.

but grandma - that is you. you truly are one in a million. you are loved. prayed for. a blessing to so many, but especially to me. love you.