Monday, October 9, 2006

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Emily Ever After
By Anne Dayton, May Vanderbilt
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I've decided to pull myself out of the funk. I mean, there are some things in my life that are a little complicated right now, but jeez. It's not that bad - mind over matter, right?

This weekend was nice - Saturday was 80 degrees outside! But super windy - enough to blow our whole patio table over (and luckily not break the glass top). We went to test drive a couple of cars, and will probably make a purchase in the next couple of days. Buick Rendezvous is the winner. We thought that's what we wanted, but definitely decided that was the one after test driving it. It's built on a minivan chassis, so it rides really smooth, and has big ol' mirrors on the side, which is nice too. Although it won't be my car - I drive too many miles to work (~25 one way) for it to be my car. And my car is doing just fine, thank you very much! But really, Jamie is SO excited about getting a new car. It's cute.

So...did anyone else watch Lost on Wednesday?! Such good TV, but so many more questions...

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