Saturday, September 25, 2010

ten things

ten things i can't live without (not including jamie or carter):
  1. my bible. although i don't spend as much time as i want to sometimes, i read it every day. right now i'm in jeremiah.
  2. coffee. there are days when i have to limit myself to 3 "cups"....not sure if it's the weather getting cooler or what.
  3. stride gum - sometimes two pieces at once, please.
  4. my phone. facebook, twitter, email, what's not to love?
  5. my saucony running shoes.
  6. tivo.
  7. contoured foam memory pillow. jamie and i each had one, but we left mine at the hotel in schaumberg last year on vacation. i promptly commandeered his.
  8. facebook. there, i said it.
  9. gap jeans.
  10. podcasts. they help make the commute tolerable.

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