Saturday, February 18, 2006

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I love weekends! Mine has been pretty relaxing so far.

Today I went with my friend Sarah to the Twin Cities Pet Expo. I was expecting that there would be a lot of people that are a little too into their animals; but there really was only a couple like that. For example, the ones that were doing the "Dancing with the Dogs". Tucker was excited when I got home (well, after he finished sniffing me since I was petting all the dogs that were there as part of the show!) since I got a TON of free treats and toys, and then was a sucker and bought him some extra treats. I'm sure Jamie probably thinks that I'm one of the aforementioned people...a little too into my dog...

I started painting yesterday - it is so nice to see color on the walls! I've done the foyer and the laundry room so far. Tomorrow after church I will work on the long hallway that goes into the living room; I'll do the accent walls in the living and dining rooms if I have any time left then, otherwise on Monday. I won't be able to finish everything in the living/dining rooms since we didn't buy enough paint! I thought 3 gallons would have been enough, but not so much. Yet another trip to Home Depot is in my near future. Love that place!

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