Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks:

  • We went to a really fun holiday sweater party for the second year in a row. Played a fun game that I think was called hammer-schlager?
  • Carter has progressed from just rolling to doing the worm. It's funny, and he's becoming fast. Especially when he sees the Christmas tree with lights on. Crawling is just around the corner...
  • Work has been crazy. Blech.
  • I went on an amazing girls weekend with Deby and Andrea last week. Managed to get some scrapbooking done, but not as important as just hanging out - I love these girls.
  • First time away from Carter and we all survived. Even Jamie, with Carter having had his flu shot booster before I left. And now Carter goes down way better at night. Bonus.
  • Participated in Northbrook's Luciafest - I sang a solo, and Carter was a tomte.


  • Made krumkake last night - yummy!


  • I'm hosting a neighborhood "Christmas Gathering" tomorrow night with the women in my neighborhood Bible study - it's an outreach sort of thing. Please pray for those that are coming if you think of it - that they would be receptive to the message that is going to be shared.
  • I don't have anything planned during the day on Saturday - I'm SO excited.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I'm trying to implement new ones this year - like new pajamas for everyone on Christmas Eve. I'd love to get some more ideas!

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