Friday, December 14, 2007

What an amazing night last night! We had about 20 neighborhood women come to my house last night for the "Christmas Gathering", where one of our friends' friend gave a little devotional thought. This was an outreach to the friends and neighbors that came.

There was a great time of treats, getting caught up with everyone since we're not able to do that as much during the winter, and sharing of traditions (which you know I was way into based on my last entry!). Then Maureen spoke, prayed an invitational prayer, and at the end we passed out notecards and asked everyone to write their thoughts about the evening as well as indicate if they had prayed the prayer and if they were interested in a basic Bible study. There were NINE people that said that they prayed with Maureen! And there were a couple more that were interested in the Bible study!

A huge thank you to those of you that were praying for this event - there was definitely spiritual warfare going on, but we know that God had His hand on the whole evening, and hopefully the things that we know were successes are just the beginning of what He has planned for this neighborhood.

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