Sunday, June 11, 2006

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The Devil Wears Prada : A Novel
By Lauren Weisberger
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What a nice weekend. Well, the weather could have been nicer, but it warmed up today. Jamie and I went for a bike ride and up a long, gradual hill that I didn't think I could do, but did it! I think it will be my goal for the end of the summer to bike up that hill after going through some of the trails in Carver and then go up way faster than I did today.

I've totally hit a weight loss plateau, but most of it is my own fault. I have not exactly been following my calorie limits like I should. But I keep trying to remind myself that at least I haven't been putting any of the weight back on. And for the most part I've been sticking to a minimum of four days a week that I'm working out. We had to take Tucker to the vet Friday for some shots, and he needs to shed a couple pounds too. The good thing is, they said we can give him carrots as treats, which he LOVES. That comes in handy at parties, too!

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