Thursday, August 17, 2006

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So, when we were in Duluth last weekend, we went 4-wheeling! Now, for most people, that might not be a big deal, but I've only been a rider on a 4-wheeler once before then, and that was in high school. I was slightly nervous about driving, but it was actually pretty easy.

Jamie led me to the baseball field that's by their house while Jim and Kim got ready with Kaitlyn. He helped me take it slow at first so I could figure out how it rides. And then when we were down on the field, he was going SUPER fast! I was jealous, so I started going as fast as I could too. Probably 20 mph or so, which seemed really fast on the 4-wheeler. Jamie's so funny - he was just laughing at me cause I'm sort of dare devil at some things, I guess.

We rode for about hour or so on some trails right around Jim & Kim's, but it seemed like we were a million miles away. There was this one trail that was like a canopy of trees that went forever. I can see how people get addicted to stuff like that, and want 'toys'. We just will be friends with people that have those toys so we don't have to own them.

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