Monday, August 14, 2006

Currently Reading
Consider Lily: A Novel
By Anne Dayton, May Vanderbilt
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It's been a busy couple of weeks! Jamie and I went on the Northbrook canoe trip a couple weeks ago, which was really fun. The weather was almost a little too cool, but still nice. And the water was so low since we've had hardly any rain, but it was ok. Then I had a business trip for work, so I was gone for a couple of days last week. (Luckily it was before all of the madness that happened with bringing liquids onto the plane via carry-on. I don't know if I would have made it without my bottle of water and lotion! )This past weekend we were in Duluth, as Jamie's sister had her baby! Alyssa Arlene was born on Wednesday, so we headed up north Friday afternoon. It was a good weekend spent with the Paulsons.

This week is shaping up to be very busy at work, so I'm hoping that it goes quickly! However, since the summer is slipping away, my goal is to make the evenings count. And I think I found a 5K in November that I'm going to sign up for - so that I have a goal to work towards. I ran a 5K last spring, and, well...I finished, but let's just say there's definitely room for improvement on my time! And I really did run almost the whole way. Anyway, training for that will give me something to do outside, and enjoy the weather. And hopefully get me off of this weight-loss plateau I've been on for a couple of months...

On a separate note, please pray for my family...there's some sort of difficult stuff going on right now. Thanks....

If anyone is looking for a good, light-hearted read, Consider Lily is a great book I just finished! Now I need to read the other book by the authors - Emily Ever After. I really hope I can wrangle up enough of my neighbors to start a book club this fall! Anyone who has any tips or tricks for organizing - or book recommendations - let me know!

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