Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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Vacation was great! Some of the highlights:

  • Seeing my aunt and uncle and cousins
  • Dinner on top of the space needle (tasty!)
  • Capilano suspension bridge
  • Parliament building in Victoria

If you are interested and have some time, there are pictures from our trip (263!) at this link:

Also, Picasa is a super program for photos!

Let's see - what else is going on?

  • Girl's night out last week - four of us for dinner at Cheesecake Factory (mmm!). It's a good thing we got together then, since the one girl that was pregnant had her baby on Sunday!
  • Super busy weekend - bridal shower for my sister, meet Oliver party at the Mullens, and a party one of Jamie's friends hosted - and that was all Saturday! Sunday we had friends over to hang out and have dinner.
  • Another girl's night out this week - it was GREAT! Just drinks and apps - seven girls and lots of catching up! It makes me realize that even though we were all together during what we thought was a difficult (read: crappy) time, we had it so good because we had each other. SO glad that I've been able to keep in contact with these girls!
  • Jamie's sister is due any day now, so we may be heading to Duluth for the weekend. Time will tell...

Well, time for bed. We'll see how long it takes me to get upstairs since my legs are super sore from circuit - both Monday and today. Ugh!

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