Friday, November 3, 2006

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So the apple party last Saturday was fun - here's a little description for those that have had questions. It's kind of like wine tasting - checking out the flavors, texture, etc. of different varieties of apples. Also, helping people realize what they're good for, such as Cortland being good in salads, and they don't brown right away after cutting them. Usually everyone has their favorite - a popular one the past few years has been Honeycrisp. So it's trying to help people branch out and see what else is out there in the apple world.

We didn't have as much variety as I had hoped, but we had the following: Honeycrisp, Haralson, MN1606 (the U of MN does the numbering technique until one becomes perfected and popular, such as Honeycrisp), Sponselli #2 (a local orchard's blend), Cameo and Cortland.

It was really just a front to get everyone together, but I did think it was fun to have a themed party. Maybe we'll continue on that path for future soiree planning...

Thank goodness it's the weekend! Looking forward to not doing much of anything - and slightly warmer temperatures outside.

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