Monday, November 27, 2006

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So...thought I'd expand on my last post. I'm having a baby!

My due date is May 17. We will not be finding out what the baby is, nor will we be sharing the name before the baby is born (not that we have made a decision by any means!). So just a little heads up to those who want to'll have to wait in suspense just like us!

Work has been crazy, but if you've been watching the news I'm sure you've seen that Best Buy had a pretty successful weekend, which is nice. All of the planning and hard work over the past several months are paying off. But there's still a lot of craziness to come! That's the beauty of working in the online world - you can always keep making changes. I think that's the blessing and the curse. I really like the change of pace from the advertising world, where once you send something to the printer, it's done. I guess it just shifts the rush from a couple of weeks out to more current time.

Jamie and I have a sweater party that we're attending on Saturday night. Everyone must wear a holiday sweater - the uglier and gaudier, the better. So we got some real 'winners' at Jamie's mom's thrift store on Saturday! It should be pretty fun. And funny!

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