Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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So work is going well - I'm settling back into a routine. A routine that since late last week has included a workout. At times, I'm excited about that; at others, not so much. But I've got a 5K to train for, and I don't have time to spare! It's easier to work out at the gym while I'm at work when I don't feel as much like I should be spending my time with Carter. I need to make sure I'm taking care of me, which will help me take care of him even better. I think that's what I was wrestling with a month or so ago...

Jamie's enjoying his last few weeks with Carter before school starts again - he's doing such a good job. I think it's funny how many people will say "Oh, how's Jamie doing with the babysitting?" My response is "He's not babysitting; he's parenting." Who wouldn't want to parent this guy?!


He was dedicated at church a week or so ago...it was a nice dedication, even if it was a big church, with a bunch of other kids being dedicated at the same time. I don't think God minds what the service is like, as long as the intent is pure. Anyway, it was a nice time with family after church!



We had a nice, very last minute National Night Out gathering in our driveway with almost all of the neighbors on our 'block'. It is so great to have good neighbors that we also call friends!

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