Monday, August 27, 2007

Today was Jamie's first day back, and Carter's first day at daycare - which is thankfully just at our neighbors. He's going to be so spoiled! Anyway, Jamie picked him up after work and Savannah, who is 8, told Jamie that he rolled over. Jamie was like what? Then sure enough - he brought Carter home, put him on his tummy and he rolled over! Thankfully he did it for me when I got home too, otherwise I would have been really sad!

Carter had his 4-month appointment last Friday - he is a big boy! 25.5" long (75th percentile), 16 pounds (also 75th percentile) and 41.25 head circumference (37th percentile). He did really well after his shots, too. I mean, as well as can be expected. And he slept a lot the couple of days afterwards, which was nice.

Here's a few new pics...

Meeting Great Grandma Burleigh:


Smiling at Great Grandma Jobe:


Hanging out in the exersaucer:


It's so sad that summer is almost over, but we are looking forward to being outside more this fall when it cools down a little!

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