Monday, May 1, 2006

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Eye to the Telescope
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Well, the DaVinci code is definitely good so far. I think it'll be interesting what types of discussions come up as the release of the movie comes closer and then people actually see it. That's kind of what our sermon was about more than a week ago - helping people to understand that the novel/movie is indeed fiction, but more importantly to use this opportunity to witness to others. Because there are so many people searching, and the spiritual elements of the book/movie provide a great jumping-off point. Anyhoo...

Great weekend spent with many great friends. Four separate events - busy, but very fun!! (Deb, sorry you got sick - it must be total coincidence that you got sick after the last two times we all got together!)

Weight loss update: 25 pounds since Jan 1!! I'm 5 pounds and one month ahead of my goal, so I think I'll be adjusting my goal soon. That way I maintain my motivation. It's so stupid, but I just play these mind games with myself. Today's Interval class was WAY intense, but good. And I definitely needed it after the indulgences of the weekend.

Question - what's your favorite vacation destination in the continental US? Jamie and I are trying to decide where to go in July, so any recommendations are very welcome.... EDIT: I forgot to mention that we're taking a trip since we'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary this year!!

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