Sunday, December 3, 2006

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Well, I don't have any pictures from the sweater party last night, but it was a blast! My cheeks hurt from smiling (genuinely) so much, and my stomach from laughing so much. I should really maybe take a photo of the sweaters, just to remember how bad they were!

What a nice weekend - it was a great blend of being relaxing, productive and restful all in one.

We picked up our Christmas cards today, now I just have to get at addressing and mailing them all...we'll see how long that takes. Here's our photo for this year's card (if you've been to our house before, you can see the new green paint color in the family room!):

Christmas photo 2006

So, after the sweater party, which was a 2nd annual, it got me thinking. What other type of themed parties would there be to have as annual occurrences? Such as the apple tasting party, which I believe we will continue on with every fall. Or what is the best themed party you've been to?

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