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So...I didn't update on yesterday's ultrasound because there were a couple of hiccups yesterday (not with me, though - no worries!). But here's the scoop:

First, the dr's office called when I was on my way out the door to go to the dr and they said he had just left to deliver a baby, and were asking if I wanted to reschedule with him or go ahead with a nurse practitioner. Well, I was obviously antsy to have the ultrasound, and Jamie would have already left, so we decided to meet with the NP. Then, when we got to the office, they were a half hour behind on the ultrasounds, so we sat around for another half hour. Meanwhile, I was thinking "Why couldn't they have mentioned that when they called me 30 minutes ago?!". Then, when we got in with the ultrasound tech, we found out there had been a loss earlier in the day that sort of threw the schedule out the window. I felt like such a jerk for being mad, but I keep telling myself that I didn't know, and couldn't have known.

Ok, so on to the good stuff...the ultrasound was amazing! You know, you see stuff on TV, and hear other people talk about it, but when it was actually ME, it was crazy. The tech was great, and was super helpful with explaining everything. There were a couple of things that he called out - the first was a kidney measurement, which he said was on the high side of normal, and that my dr would take a close look at it. The other thing was the question about timing - he asked how confident I was in my last period date. So, I said I was pretty confident (I'd been charting, so I knew I could go back to those if needed), and asked why he was asking? Well, he said I was measuring almost 2 full weeks ahead of my due date, and that the dr would probably be discussing that with me as well. Then, at the end, when he went to get a profile pic for us to keep, Little P was NOT cooperating! So the tech said that between the other couple of things we'd already discussed, I'd probably come in for another ultrasound at my appointment next month (so we can get pictures then). I was slightly bummed not to have any walking out of there, but it was enough to see everything at the appointment!

When we met with the NP, she didn't really talk about much of the ultrasound stuff, but said that she would have my dr call me today - which he did. He is officially changing my due date to 5/5/07 (previously 5/17), and that I don't have anything to worry about with the kidney thing. They'll just check it out again at the next ultrasound, and continue to monitor if it warrants it. My dr is so funny - he said the baby just got me out of 2 weeks of pregnancy.

So while we did NOT find out the sex of the baby, Jamie and I both are starting to think that it is a boy. never know, so I'm attempting to not get too fixated on it.

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