Thursday, January 4, 2007

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So Christmas has flown by for another year. It's hard to believe it's not only come and gone, but it's now 2007.

There were a couple lowlights this year:

  • Alyssa (Amy's youngest) ended up in the hospital while we were in Duluth, because she couldn't keep anything down for a couple of days. Poor thing hooked up to the IV looked so little!
  • I got an icky cold last week that is still lingering. Blech.
  • Some family things. Won't elaborate too much more.

But more importantly, here are only some of the highlights (there were many, many more!):

  • The Christmas decorations - I love decorating my house for Christmas!
  • Christmas Eve's Sunday service at church.
  • Hosting my family for Christmas Eve. I managed to cook the roast for a second year in a row without completely wrecking it!
  • Seeing Dena's excitement at receiving a FoodSaver, and talking about how you really know she's crossed over from being a 'kid' to being an adult when she is excited about getting appliances as gifts. Ha!
  • Relaxing when we went to visit Jamie's family in Duluth. With the exception of how crazy it gets at his parent's house with all of the kids there...
  • Seeing The Pursuit of Happyness with Jamie for date night.
  • Going to a really fun New Year's Eve party with some of Jamie's work friends. I haven't laughed that much in a while.

Now it's back to the normal routine. Work is going to slow down a little bit, thank goodness, but hopefully not too much. It's nice to have a good balance of having enough to do at a normal pace.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and the ultrasound next Tuesday!! It's hard to believe that I'm more than halfway through my pregnancy already. "They" really know what they mean when "they" say time flies, don't they?!

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