Saturday, February 24, 2007

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Today's update: my Mom's been doing well, considering. Lots of resting, but she's been up walking about every couple of hours. Not by choice, but probably good for her to stretch and keep moving a little bit. She's feeling sore, but better. When her doctor stopped by this morning, he couldn't believe she'd slept through the night without any narcotics. Guess she's got a really high pain tolerance! (I knew it was high, but not that high!)

It's so nice to know that she still has pretty much both complete kidneys in tact - it's amazing to me that they a) can take only 1% of the part of the healthy kidney surrounding the tumor; and b) know that it's only 1%!

So I'll be curious to see how long they expect she'll need to stay in the hospital. Originally they told her it would probably be 7-10 days; then on Thursday at her pre-op appointment, they said it would be more like 3-5 days. At this point, it's hard to say which would be better - it's not like she gets a ton of rest with the nurses in and out of the room taking temps, blood pressure, etc (even though I know it's necessary) - or with having a roommate who's kind of loud; but at the same time, it's obviously good for her to be taken care of.

In other news, the weather is TERRIBLE here - there was snow/sleet last night, and a big layer of ice all over the roads, cars, etc this morning that the snow/sleet/freezing rain has been falling on top of all day long. UGH! The roads are a disaster, so it's a good thing that we're not planning to go back until Monday. Hopefully it will have stopped snowing by then, and all the roads will be nice and clear...guess we'll have to wait and see.

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