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It's been a long day...

My Mom couldn't even find out what time her surgery was this morning until after 8:15 last night. So when we called, we found out that she needed to report at 8:00. We got to the hospital (right across the street) at about 7:35 and then waited until they called her. The Wilsons and Dan & Becky Sjogren were there before 8, and it was about then they called her up (along with about 4 other patients & family). We all herded to the next waiting area while she was in a small room to get changed into the lovely hospital attire and wait to be moved on. Well, everyone took a turn with my Mom reading scripture and praying, and we were led to think it would be "any time now" that they would bring her down to the prep room. Finally around 1:15 (!), they actually came and took her to the next spot. We then went to lunch, since we hadn't really even eaten breakfast...

Came back from lunch thinking that they would have probably already had her in surgery by then (2:30). Around 3:45, our coordinator stopped over and said that they were just taking her in to surgery at that point. Then, around 5:15, a different coordinator came and said they had actually just started about 15 minutes before. So we were extremely confused about what was happening when. It was almost 7 when one of the nurses came and let us know the doctor would be coming up shortly to let us know about how the surgery had gone, and that we should head to my Mom's room.

The doctor came in and said the surgery went very well; that they were able to easily take the whole tumor, and only took about 1% of the healthy surrounding part of the kidney. So that was great, obviously. However, he said he was moderately concerned about the stitches because of there being so many blood vessels in the area. They'll just continue to monitor it, and if they need to, they'll go back and cauterize (sp?) it less invasively through a catheter or something. (I dunno - a lot of medical lingo... )

Then she was in recovery for a couple of hours, and they finally rolled her up to her room around 10pm. We went in and saw her for just a couple of minutes, but she was pretty doped up still, and nauseated from the movement. So since we didn't want to overwhelm her, Dena and I headed back to the hotel room around 10:30 or so after just talking for a few minutes. My Dad stayed with her, and is still there now for a little while longer. just trying to unwind from a long day of hurrying up to wait. It's stressful not knowing what's going on! And I felt so bad since I knew she just felt miserable - I wish there was something I could do for her. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be more rested and start to feel a little better than she did tonight. It was just such a long day for her!

Anyway, thanks for all your prayers on our is much appreciated! More updates to come over the next day or so...

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