Monday, March 26, 2007

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It's been a while since I've updated....

The weather has been SO beautiful! The official high today was 81, I believe. What a beautiful taste of what's to come, but I'm sure we'll probably snap back to reality and cooler temps soon. Oh well - at least it's officially spring, and can't be cold much longer!

My mom had some more tests done today, and goes back to meet with not only the cardiologist again, but also with her local kidney doctor on Thursday. It'll be a busy day for her! In the meantime, she's still feeling pretty worn out, but hopefully is going to be getting some answers soon.

So I'm realizing how quickly the time is flying by - there's now officially less than 6 weeks until my due date. I'm not exactly nervous, per se, but more anxious to meet Little P! Well, I guess the only thing I'm nervous about is the whole timing thing, and when I'm going to go into labor. I just wish I could control that a little more. I'm super excited about my first shower this Saturday!! Then I'll feel even more prepared (hopefully...) once we have more than just the crib.

For those of you that are parents, I'd be curious to know what you wish you would have done 'one more time' before the baby was go to a movie, out to your favorite restaurant, etc. Just trying to figure out what to try to relish while we can.

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