Thursday, March 15, 2007

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So my Mom went in for an appointment at her regular doctor's office on Tuesday to do a follow up after surgery (check her incision, do blood tests, etc). Well, yesterday they called and said they wanted her to come back in and do some additional lab work ASAP as her white blood cell count was WAY up. Since she still can't drive and my Dad was in meetings almost all day, I brought her. She had to give four HUGE vials of blood and a urine sample, which they won't have the results from for a couple of days. Then, they called today and she had to go this afternoon to get x-rays and a CAT scan done. She said her doctor's office here has been in touch with the doctor who did the surgery at Mayo. So...please pray for guidance and direction as the doctors and nurses interact with her (she was cracking up with the one nurse yesterday while getting her blood drawn ) and interpret the results of the various tests. And pray that she continues to gain back strength - I know it's frustrating to her that she's not feeling better yet. We just have to keep reminding her that she had major surgery only a couple of weeks ago!

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