Wednesday, March 21, 2007

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Jamie and I just got home - we have Bible study on Tuesday nights, and tonight a few of us went out for coffee afterwards. It was fun, but I wish that Dunn Bros. stayed open longer than 9:00. Although to be fair, they were super nice and let us stay until they literally were locking the doors. And then we stayed talking in the parking lot after the employees were gone! The study is a 2-year course (really 4-12 week "semesters", not quite as intimidating as 2 years!) on the book of Revelation. I am really enjoying it...I've always been fascinated by the end times.

So it's been about six months since we "left" the Army. Now, we didn't really leave because of anything other than distance - it is a 100 mile round trip to-from the corps and our house. It's weird, though. I was telling Jamie that I *love* going to Grace, and love that there are so many opportunities with a large (extremely large) church that aren't there with the Army. However, I miss a lot of things too; like knowing everyone, playing the piano/leading worship and seeing my parents among other things. (But my parents are coming to our Bible study, so I get to see them there!) But isn't it awesome to know that God works in all sorts of churches?

I am trying to stay focused on Friday - this week is sort of crazy at work, but once I hit Friday, then I'm off with Jamie for Spring break next week. We're not going anywhere - other than Duluth for the weekend - but it will be nice to have time off together. I haven't really had more than a day or two off since we moved into the house, and that wasn't exactly relaxing. It was exciting though. It's hard to believe we've been here for 6 months!

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