Friday, December 22, 2006

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So last night, I made krumkake (with Jamie's help) for him to bring to school today. They split everyone alphabetically into two days at his school where they have a treat smorgasboard - since he's the back half of the alphabet, today was his day. So I thought "I'll make krumkake! I haven't used my new krumkake iron that I got from my parents last year for Christmas!".

We weren't sure how it would work, since our stove has a smooth top, and the iron is the kind that is supposed to sit on the burner coil. Well, it worked out just fine, until I was flipping one of the cookies and noticed a little crumb had fallen onto the burner, and was on fire! So I started to freak out, and without thinking (clearly without thinking, in hindsight) went to move the whole iron away from the burner. The one problem? The handle is metal as well, and I hadn't thought to put a hot pad thingy on the handle. So I burned my thumb and pointer finger pretty bad, and got just a little part of my middle finger. Now, at least it was my left hand, although I'm now realizing how much I use BOTH hands, and at least I didn't grab it with my palm as well. That would have been WAY worse. At any rate, it was interesting making the rest of the cookies, since I was pretty much one handed. Jamie became way more involved in the process than we had intended! What a good egg. Oh, and it wasn't like it was a fire to burn the house down, just a tiny little flame. So the house is still standing too.

No new baby news - things are still going well, and I am feeling very blessed and fortunate to be in good health. The ultrasound is scheduled for January 9, so that is very exciting! But we are still not going to find out if it's a boy or girl. I'm still anxiously waiting to "pop" instead of looking like I'm just putting on a little extra weight...

Since we are hosting my family for Christmas Eve (dinner for 13, anyone?!), I probably won't be online until after Christmas, when we get back from visiting Jamie's family in Duluth. So blessings to everyone during the CHRISTmas season!

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