Sunday, April 2, 2006

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Here were some highlights from my week off:

  • Going to Duluth last week to visit Jamie's family for the weekend (Amy is pregnant again...)
  • The outlet mall in Albertville
  • Taking Tucker to the dog park with his best buddies Scooter and Chompers, and my friend Sarah
  • GREAT episode of Lost on Wednesday - even though that's not really tied to vacation.
  • Meeting Diana for lunch and having a good talk
  • Emptying out all the boxes from our upstairs closets that have been there since we moved in (which was last August)
  • Going to Ikea to buy a bookshelf (and about 5 or 6 other random things that we HAD to have...happens every time at Ikea!) for the books we unpacked. It's really tall.
  • Hanging out with friends at Andrea's spa party
  • Lunch today with some neighbors that we found out go to our church - they're so nice! Hopefully this will be the start of a nice friendship.
  • Paying down the credit card with tax money!!!! SWEET!!! (that thing will be paid off sooner than later...)

Back to the grind tomorrow. There's a mandatory meeting tomorrow morning...I'll be curious to see if it has to do with the layoffs that we know may be coming for some folks. I'm cautiously optimistic that my position will be ok. Maybe it's because I've been laid off before, but I'm just not too worried about it. Jamie took a personal day off tomorrow, so I'm slightly jealous, but hey - if I didn't go in tomorrow, I'd miss my favorite class at the gym!

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