Saturday, April 15, 2006

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My tooth drama continues...

This morning I woke up with one of the side effects from the Vicodin - nausea/vomiting. So much for my 16 year streak of not throwing up! Anyway, it was miserable, because I couldn't keep anything down to take more medicine, and because I couldn't take any medicine, my teeth and whole right side of my face were in incredible pain. So Jamie called the on call dr. for me, and we went in to meet him at the clinic. I felt really bad about having to make him come in on a Saturday, but I am feeling better now. And at least I should now be able to enjoy Easter Sunday!

Monday AM I'll go back to see the dr. that I saw at my original appointment last Tuesday, and have him re-evaluate at that point.

On another note, we have finally started to meet more of our neighbors now that it's nice out, and are hosting a neighborhood barbecue next Friday. It should be fun!

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