Wednesday, April 5, 2006

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Today was my final weigh in for the "Drop it Like it's Hot" contest at work and...(insert drum roll here) total was15 pounds. Although the gym didn't do their weigh in until the third week of January, so I had lost almost five pounds by then. So since the beginning of the year I am at about 19 pounds! My body fat percentage is down about 4% if I remember right, and I also lost a bunch of inches - the person that did my measuring is supposed to email me all the info in the next day or two. They won't know who the winner is until next week, as people have until the end of the day Friday to do their final weigh ins. They determine the winner by some magic formula using weight, body fat and inches. I think I mentioned in my last post that I'm certain I'm not going to win, because the winner at the half-way point was already at 20 pounds! Good for him, though. I'm certainly not going to be mad at someone for kicking butt at losing weight!

Lost is coming on - gotta run. LOVE that show!!!

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